Choosing a Pooja Mandir For Home

Choosing a suitable design for a pooja mandir for your home is an important step in creating a serene environment. This is done through various types of pooja mandirs. The design should enhance the holy mode of the room. The best place to place a pooja mandir is the NE direction, which is considered the most auspicious direction. Pure wood is an ideal material for a pooja mandir. It should have two doors.

NE is the most auspicious direction

According to Vastu, the NE is the most auspicious direction to place a pooja mandir for home. The reason for this is that a god’s face must be facing north, east, or west. It is also advised to place the shivling in the north part of the house. Similarly, the god’s idol should be placed on the east or west side of the home.

While there are many benefits to locating a pooja mandir in the northeast corner of the home, it is also important to follow the rules of Vastu. The NE is a zone of tranquility and divine energy.

Pure wood is the ideal material

One of the most important parts of a home pooja mandir is the material it is made of. Wood is the ideal choice for this type of temple, as it radiates positive energy. It also brings a sense of tranquility and serenity. A wooden temple symbolizes the sacredness of the place and helps to make pooja more efficient. A creative wooden wall-mounted pooja mandir can be made for your home that will satisfy your aesthetic and functional requirements. You can even choose from a variety of finishes to match your other furniture stuff.

If you want a more modern look for your Pooja Mandir, you can install LED lights. LED light strips usually come with adhesive on the back, making it easy to attach them to the Pooja Mandir. You can also attach the LED wiring or battery pack through a small hole at the back of the Pooja Mandir.

NE is the ideal place to place a pooja mandir

The pooja room is considered the most sacred space in a home. It is filled with positive energy and possesses the perfect atmosphere for praying to God. It also serves as a perfect place to meditate. The correct placement of the idols and the direction of the room are of utmost importance for maintaining peace and harmony in a home. Most people neglect the correct placement of the idols and the direction of the room for various reasons, which include a lack of space or a low budget.

It is recommended that the pooja mandir is placed in the NE or the NW direction of the home. However, a temple should not be placed in the south or west. The south direction is not considered a good location because it drains positive energy from the house. If the NE or NW direction is selected correctly, the mandir will attract wealth and maintain positive energy in the room.

It should have two doors

According to Vastu, a home pooja mandir should always have two doors. It should also be located in a room with a clear view and not in the basement. The mandir should not have its feet pointing toward it. It should also have two windows, one in the north and one in the east.

A pooja mandir should have a wooden construction with a dome structure on top. It should also have a threshold at the entrance to the pooja room. It should be free of clutter. It is important to keep the temple clean. This way, you can protect the idols from dirt and damage. The doors should be two shutters and be made of wood. They should also have a threshold so that pests and insects cannot enter them.

It should have two shutters

When building a pooja mandir for home, you should ensure that the door has two shutters of equal size. You can use wooden shutters for the doors, or decorate them with different metals. Ideally, you should place the mandir in the northeast corner of your home, although the north and east corners are also suitable. If none of those areas are available, you can try the west side of the house. However, you should never place it in the south of your home.

If you are building a wooden mandir, you should avoid placing the idols directly facing the door. The top of the mandir should be constructed with a dome structure, and the threshold should be at least nine inches high. Also, make sure that the idols are not facing the door, and that the mandir is not facing the floor.

It should be on the ground floor

Placing a pooja mandir in your home is an essential step to generating positive vibes and attracting good fortune. It is best to place the mandir on the ground floor. This will allow the mandir to receive maximum exposure to the sun and generate auspicious energy. It is also important to place the mandir in a room that is open to the air, not directly facing a door.

Another important aspect of placing a pooja room is its direction. It should face north or east. Avoid placing a mandir in a room facing south. Ideally, it should be located in a corner of the ground floor or a lofty area. Moreover, the door for the pooja room should be able to open in two directions.

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