How to Decorate Center Tables

Center tables are circular tables typically placed in the center of a parlor or living room. However, they can be placed in other locations in the room. These tables can be made from a variety of materials, including marble, glass, wood, or lucite. Because center tables do not have a particular style, they are very versatile and easy to place in any room.

Glass tops

Glass top center tables have been produced by many designers over the years. Some of the most well-known companies producing glass tabletops are Fatime Furniture. Glass tabletops are a great way to add an extra decorative element to your room, and can make a statement in any room.

Glass top center tables are often made of tempered glass, which is the thickest type of glass available. This type of glass is thick enough to support a large amount of weight and is designed for heavy-duty use. It is tempered to shatter into small pieces without damaging the table, which adds an extra layer of safety.

Metal frames

The classic look of a center table with a metal frame can be a sophisticated choice for a modern home. While these tables typically have a wood top, they can also come with a glass top if you prefer. This type of table is ideal for families who want to play board games or arrange puzzle pieces. They also look great when paired with metal or stone centerpieces. If you want to soften the metal frame look, consider pairing it with a rustic industrial piece like a sofa or a curly ceramic lamp.

Metal frames for center tables can be used in a wide variety of rooms. If you are decorating a living room or family room, a metal coffee table can provide a modern look to your space. These tables are extremely durable and ideal for families with small children. They are also stylish and can leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Wooden tops for center tables are available in a variety of materials. They can be made of particle board, veneer, or pure wood. Particle board table tops usually have a finished top layer, and you can stain them to achieve the look you desire. There are also pure wood tables available, but they tend to be more expensive than their composite counterparts. Regardless of material, wood table tops are usually covered in a protective melamine layer to protect them from weather and scratches.

Another material for center tables is melamine, which offers great value for money. When paired with a black or chrome base, melamine provides an attractive contrast to the metal base. In addition, melamine matches the finish of many modern cafe chairs. This material is also a good choice for heavy-use venues, as it’s easy to wipe clean. Moreover, melamine is also affordable, so it makes a great addition to any venue.

Rectangular tables

Rectangular tables can be used for a variety of functions, including beverage, plate, and center tables. They can also double as footrests. The base of these tables allows for trays that can be filled with food and drinks, magazines, and other home accents. A rectangular table can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the number of people it’s intended to seat.

Rectangular tables make great coffee tables and are a great addition to contemporary or traditional decor. Their shape is versatile, and they can also be placed against a wall if desired. They are also sturdy and durable, which is important in a dining room. You can also find rectangular tables that are built with multiple materials for versatility.

Round tables

When it comes to decorating round tables as center tables, you have a lot of options. One great option is to use a single, long-stemmed flower in a vase. This way, you can make sure to avoid overwhelming the table with a big, bulky centerpiece. Another great idea is to place a decorative round table in an empty corner of a large room. Then, you can decorate it with potted plants, statuettes, or even pillar candles.

Using round tables in a room is an excellent idea because they soften the design and balance out items with harder edges. In addition, they also fill the space in a room in a different way than their square and rectangular counterparts. Round tables are also a great choice because they can add a feminine feel to a space. They’re best suited for a dining room, but they can also work well in a living room or bedroom.

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