How to Update Your Wardrobe

From their humble beginnings as a piece of furniture, wardrobes have evolved into the modern style we know today. They feature hanging cupboards on either side and drawers below. Historically, they were made of mahogany, but as satinwood and other foreign woods became more plentiful, they began to be made from other materials. Designers like Chippendale and Sheraton used highly polished woods to create elaborately-inlaid wardrobes.

History of wardrobes

Throughout history, wardrobes have served as essential pieces of furniture, holding clothing in hanging and drawer positions. In Europe, they are also referred to as armoires or standing closets. These units first served as chests, but they soon became much more sophisticated as society began to value their usefulness.

Originally, wardrobes were made of wood, and they were used by high-society people to store their clothes. However, as fashion grew, the demand for clothing increased. Once the need for clothing grew, wardrobes became a necessary part of any home. Even today, fitted wardrobe designs can be quite beautiful.

A traditional wardrobe is a large cabinet that is often equipped with drawers and a mirror. Its main purpose is to store clothes, and it can be large and open in design. Some styles are designed to be a television stand, while others are designed for the bedroom.

Basics of a capsule wardrobe

Building a capsule wardrobe requires starting with the basics. A capsule wardrobe includes the basics of clothing, starting with a foundation of tops and bottoms. These pieces should be versatile and include both layering pieces and one-pieces. You can always add more pieces later. You can also include accessories, which are not essential to a capsule wardrobe.

The basics of a capsule wardrobe should include quality pieces from reputable brands. Occasionally, you can add patterned items, but make sure the patterns are timeless. Stripes are a good example of a timeless pattern. You can also incorporate shoes, accessories, and coats into your capsule wardrobe.

Investing in the basics will save you time and money. You won’t need to buy expensive pieces every season, and you can easily replace them with similar styles. The basic pieces you buy will be worn a lot.

Styles of jeans and sandals

If you’re looking for an easy way to update your wardrobe, pair jeans with a pair of sandals. The best sandals to wear with jeans are those with wedge heels. They will make your denim stand out, and you’ll be able to wear them with almost any style of denim. These sandals are perfect for cropped jeans, bootcut jeans, boyfriend jeans, and long skinny jeans. However, you should avoid overpowering your outfit with heavy wedges or peg-leg jeans.

If you’re not comfortable wearing high heels, consider wearing a pair of flat sandals. They will keep your feet cool and provide some extra support. You can also opt for a pair of strappy sandals, which are perfect for summer days. You can also choose a pair of stacked sandals to add some extra height to your look.

Alternatively, you can wear strappy sandals with jeans. These will add a fun and flirty vibe to your outfit. You can wear either calf-length or straight jeans with these sandals. Bright colors go well with boyfriend jeans or straight-leg jeans.

Styles of inlaid wardrobes

There are many styles of inlaid wardrobes. These pieces feature carvings and inlaid wood. Some styles are more ornate and expensive, while others are simpler and less expensive. Some of the earliest styles are made of mahogany, but other woods have become more popular, such as pine and rosewood.

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