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Tranquil Retreat Wall Panel Bed

Starting From: 3,099.00 AED Starting From: 1,799.00 AED
This contemporary bed exudes elegance and style. Premium polyester wraps the bed and an eye-catching oversized headboard that extends beyond the
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Sweet Dreams Supreme Queen size Bed

Starting From: 3,399.00 AED Starting From: 2,099.00 AED
Upgrade your bedroom decor with our luxurious grey velvet bed. The retro super-wide headboard is the perfect statement piece, making
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Royal Rest Velvet Upholstered Bed

Starting From: 2,999.00 AED Starting From: 1,699.00 AED
Discover the perfect blend of style and comfort with our soft-touch fabric bed. The bed features a contemporary diamond pattern
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Fatima Furniture Farryn Upholstered Bed

Starting From: 2,849.00 AED Starting From: 1,549.00 AED
Upgrade your bedroom decor with this stylish and sleek bed frame. Its modern design is sure to match any room,
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Fatima Furniture Upholstered Bed

Starting From: 2,449.00 AED Starting From: 1,149.00 AED
Sleep in comfort and style with this contemporary platform bed. Featuring an upholstered frame and a sleek silhouette, this bed
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Fatima Furniture Darielle Dining Table

1,249.00 AED 699.00 AED
Bring a touch of modern elegance to your dining room with the Simple and Contemporary Dining Table. Designed with a
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Shanell Solid Oak Dining Table

2,899.00 AED 1,899.00 AED
Bring a touch of natural beauty to your dining room with the Shanell Solid Oak Dining Table. Made from high-quality
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Fatima Furniture Mccloud Dining Table

2,149.00 AED 1,299.00 AED
Experience elegance and style in your dining room with the Fatima Furniture Mccloud Dining Table. Made from premium materials and
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Crothersville Dining Table

1,799.00 AED 849.00 AED
Add a touch of sophistication to your dining room with the Crothersville Dining Table. Made from high-quality materials and featuring
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Fatima Furniture Solid Oak Dining Table

1,899.00 AED 1,149.00 AED
Make the most of your dining space with this compact round dining table. Crafted from solid oak, it features four
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Brillion Dining Table

1,299.00 AED 799.00 AED
Bring a touch of industrial style to your home with this round dining table. Featuring a sleek black steel frame
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Occasional Linen Upholstered Armchair

1,399.00 AED 699.00 AED
Bring a touch of classic elegance to your living room with this Occasional Linen Upholstered Armchair. The armchair is expertly
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Accent Chair for Office Lounge Reception

1,499.00 AED 799.00 AED
Experience classic comfort with a modern twist with this stylish tub chair. This chair is a modern interpretation of the
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Cushioned Armchair Fatima Furniture

1,149.00 AED 689.00 AED
Bring a touch of modern style to your home with the iconic fabric accent chair. This chair is designed with
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Fatima Furniture Comfortable Accent Chair

899.00 AED 499.00 AED
Add a touch of coziness to your living room or bedroom with the accent slipper chair. This small yet mighty
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Fatima Furniture Velvet Accent Chair

1,349.00 AED 699.00 AED
Transform your living room, bedroom, or study into a chic and modern space with the Daisy Accent Chair. This petal-shaped
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Fatima Furniture Tub Chair

1,399.00 AED 749.00 AED
Introducing the Fatima Furniture tub chair, perfect for adding a pop of color and cozy comfort to your home. This
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Faux Leather Upholstered Accent Chair

1,499.00 AED 799.00 AED
This Tub Chair is the perfect blend of traditional comfort and modern style, making it an excellent addition to any
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Abbeville Accent Chair

1,899.00 AED 1,149.00 AED
This Accent Chair is the ultimate combination of style and comfort, making it the perfect accent piece for any home.
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Velvet Upholstered Accent Chair

1,499.00 AED 699.00 AED
This Fatima Furniture Cocktail Chair is the epitome of elegance and sophistication, making it the perfect addition to any room,
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