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Bedroom Sets with 4 Pieces including Bed, Dresser, Mirror, and Nightstand

Starting From: 7,149.00 AED Starting From: 4,699.00 AED
This traditional bedroom set offers timeless elegance and sophistication. The four-piece set includes a bed, dresser, mirror, and nightstand, all

Five-Piece Bedroom Set with Twin Platform Bed by Fatima Furniture

Starting From: 6,699.00 AED Starting From: 4,249.00 AED
Five-Piece Bedroom Set with Twin Platform Bed, Nightstand, Chest, Wardrobe, and Bookcase by Fatima Furniture Offers Style, Comfort, and Value.

Platform bed with two nightstands and bench in full size fatima furniture

Starting From: 5,449.00 AED Starting From: 2,999.00 AED
This full–size platform bed with two nightstands and a bench is the perfect addition to any bedroom. Its sleek design

A 4 piece bedroom set consisting of a platform bed, nightstands, and bench

Starting From: 5,528.00 AED Starting From: 2,979.00 AED
Set of four pieces including a platform bed, a nightstand, and a bench to create the perfect bedroom set. This

Diamond Tufting Wall Panel Bed

Starting From: 4,599.00 AED Starting From: 3,549.00 AED
Upholstered Wall Panels are a unique way to decorate your walls. They might be used in the bedroom, living room,

Memory Mattress with Grey 2 Drawer Platform Divan Bed

Starting From: 1,899.00 AED Starting From: 1,349.00 AED
Memory divan bed set that comes with two storage drawers includes a mattress that has a stunning 30mm of heat-sensitive

Grey Velvet King Size Bed Frame with Mirrored Headboard

Starting From: 1,749.00 AED Starting From: 1,549.00 AED
Features: You spend approximately three-quarters of your time in king size bed frame. So why not give it a style

Grey Velvet Double Ottoman Bed with Tall Headboard

Starting From: 1,849.00 AED Starting From: 1,649.00 AED
A luxurious double ottoman bed with an extra tall headboard upholstered in a decadent soft-touch grey velvet. The cushioned headboard

Beige Velvet Small Double Ottoman Bed with Chesterfield Headboard

Starting From: 1,999.00 AED Starting From: 1,099.00 AED
Beige Velvet Small Double Ottoman Bed is covered in the softest velvet, and decorated with a lavishly cushioned chesterfield bed. The

Daxia Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed

Starting From: 2,199.00 AED Starting From: 1,999.00 AED
Your bedroom deserves a Tufted Upholstered Bed that will stand the test of time in a world full of trends.

Tantallon Tufted Upholstered Storage Bed

Starting From: 2,799.00 AED Starting From: 2,049.00 AED
Being low on space doesn’t mean you need to be low on style. The modern and contemporary-inspired style is evident

Evonne Ply Wood Platform Bed

Starting From: 2,099.00 AED Starting From: 1,499.00 AED
The Evonne Ply Wood Bed headboard featuring a modern vertical channel design makes a statement in any bedroom space. Its

Shriner Tufted Low Profile Standard Bed

Starting From: 1,549.00 AED Starting From: 1,349.00 AED
This standard bed adds an ultra-luxe look to your bedroom with its deep diamond button tufting and modern silhouette. It’s