Living Room Furniture

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Bozeman 6 Door Wardrobe with Drawers

4,849.00 AED 3,749.00 AED
This modern wardrobe armoire is the perfect addition to any bedroom. With its clean-lined style and subtle elegance, it boasts

Washam 6 Door Wardrobe With Mirrors

4,249.00 AED 2,949.00 AED
Organize your space in style with the classic Sonoma Oak Wadsobe. This versatile piece of furniture is the perfect solution

Estephania 3 Door Lamination wood Wardrobe

2,749.00 AED 1,849.00 AED
Upgrade your Bedroom storage with the Estephania 3 Door Lamination Wood Wardrobe. This stunning wardrobe combines practicality with style, offering

Janaisia 1 Door Wardrobe

1,599.00 AED 899.00 AED
Experience the ultimate in style and functionality with the Janaisia 1 Door Wardrobe. This compact and elegant wardrobe offers ample

Alexsey 2 Door Wardrobe

2,799.00 AED 1,799.00 AED
Discover the perfect storage solution for your fashion essentials with this wardrobe, now available in our online store at a

Fatima Furniture Linch 4 Door Wardrobe

2,849.00 AED 1,799.00 AED
Transform your bedroom into a stylish and modern oasis with the Lincoln bedroom wardrobe. This collection boasts a high-gloss finish

6 Door Manufactured Wood Wardrobe Cabinet

2,999.00 AED 2,149.00 AED
This six-door wardrobe provides the perfect combination of style and practicality. With its sleek, contemporary design, it offers ample storage

Sayville 4 Door Wardrobe

2,849.00 AED 1,849.00 AED
This wardrobe combines style and practicality with its sleek silhouette and two-tone color scheme. The accent handles add a modern

Fatima Furniture Faux Leather Sectional Sofa

6,799.00 AED 4,449.00 AED
The Fatima Furniture Faux Leather Sectional Sofa is the perfect choice for homeowners who want to create a cozy and

Carlos Blue Velvet Modular Sofa

3,299.00 AED 2,099.00 AED
Find your perfect place to relax with the Modular Cruz Velvet Modular sofa. This versatile sofa can be rearranged to

Govea 4-Piece Sleek and Stylish Sectional Sofa

2,999.00 AED 1,799.00 AED
Transform your living space with the Govea 4-Piece Sleek and Stylish Sectional Sofa. This contemporary sectional sofa features clean and

Basinger 7-Piece Modular Sofa Fatima Furniture

5,699.00 AED 4,799.00 AED
Upgrade the style and organization of your living room with this modern U-shaped sectional sofa. The soft corduroy upholstery features

Haisleigh 7-Piece Upholstered Sectional Sofa

7,499.00 AED 5,199.00 AED
This patio furniture set boasts exceptional comfort, chic design, and timeless beauty. The deep seat cushion provides unparalleled sitting comfort.

Scandinavian Modern Modular sofa

4,899.00 AED 3,199.00 AED
Bring style and comfort to your living room with the Scandinavian Modern Modular sofa from Fatima Furniture. With its generous

Fatima Furniture Premium Sectional Sofa

4,599.00 AED 2,799.00 AED
Experience luxury and comfort in your home with our Fatima Furniture-made U-Shape Corner Sofa. This beautiful sofa is crafted from

5-Piece Large Upholstered Corner Sofa

5,499.00 AED 2,999.00 AED
Bring a touch of sophistication to your home with our Fatima Furniture-made U-Shape Corner Sofa. The premium plush velvet fabric

Hervie Sectional sofa with 2 Ottomans

6,499.00 AED 4,199.00 AED
Bring luxury and comfort into your home with our Hervie U-Shaped Dark Grey Corner Sofa. Outshine the big players with

Haawa 3Piece Upholstered Modular sofa

4,399.00 AED 2,849.00 AED
Transform your living room with the versatile Bishop sofa. With 2 large, detached front footstools, you can easily switch between

Corner Sofa with Storage Ottoman

5,299.00 AED 3,449.00 AED
The Velvet Fabric Corner Sofa is a contemporary and spacious seating solution that’s perfect for most living rooms. Guarantee comfort

Fatima Furniture Upholstered Sectional Sofa

4,799.00 AED 2,749.00 AED
Looking for a luxurious and comfortable seating solution for your living room? Look no further than our spacious corner sofa!