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Fatima Furniture Shoe Storage Cabinet

1,549.00 AED 799.00 AED
Store your favorite footwear in style with this solid pinewood shoe cabinet. The wooden construction provides stability and durability, ensuring

14 Pair Footwear Rack

1,649.00 AED 849.00 AED
Organize your footwear and keep your home stylish and clutter-free with this contemporary shoe storage cabinet. With a sleek silhouette

20 Pair Stackable Shoe Storage

1,799.00 AED 949.00 AED
Stay organized with our 20 Pair Stackable Shoe Storage! This stylish solution offers ample space for all your shoes, keeping

Fatima Furniture 6 Pair Shoe Cabinet

2,599.00 AED 1,549.00 AED
Tidy up your space and keep shoes organized with these stylish shoe cabinets! Say goodbye to cluttered floors and hello

Fatima Furniture Martha Shoe Cabinet

2,499.00 AED 1,449.00 AED
The Fatima Furniture Martha 20 Pair Shoe Rack offers ample space for shoes and can be placed on the floor

Contemporary Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

2,399.00 AED 1,449.00 AED
The bathroom cabinets from our collection offer the perfect solution for your storage needs. With its compact design, this cabinet

Fatima Furniture Amery Bathroom Shelves

1,649.00 AED 949.00 AED
Bring a touch of style and practicality to your space with this Free Standing shelving unit. The adjustable anchor brackets

Utting Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

1,299.00 AED 549.00 AED
Effortlessly organize your bathroom essentials with this stylish on-wall bathroom cabinet. Designed to be both functional and elegant, this cabinet

Kirkbride Bathroom Cabinet

1,649.00 AED 649.00 AED
Add a touch of contemporary design to your bathroom with this minimalist corner bathroom cabinet. Its streamlined silhouette and clean

Jewett Bathroom Shelves

1,599.00 AED 849.00 AED
Get organized and save space with this multi-functional bathroom shelf. With multiple space-efficient shelves, it’s perfect for storing bathroom essentials

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

1,249.00 AED 599.00 AED
Transform an unused corner in your bathroom into a stylish storage area with the practical storage unit from Fatima Furniture.

Free Standing Bathroom Cabinet

1,799.00 AED 849.00 AED
The four-drawer unit is a sophisticated addition to any bathroom. Its tongue and groove paneling adds a touch of elegance,

9-Compartment Wood Floating Shelves

1,799.00 AED 899.00 AED
The Two Hanging Ways shelf is a convenient and stylish way to add extra storage and decoration to any room.

Fatima Furniture 11 Piece Cubby wall Shelf

1,649.00 AED 849.00 AED
Fatima Furniture‘s 11 Piece Cubby Wall Shelf is a great way to add style and storage to any room. This

Fatima Furniture Beraun Wall Shelf

1,749.00 AED 899.00 AED
This wall shelf features a modern design with a geometric layout that adds visual interest to your space. Its bright

Dillow 10 Piece Floating Wall Shelf

1,299.00 AED 699.00 AED
This product features floating shelves that are both functional and stylish. Perfect for decluttering your home and freeing up space

Fatima Furniture 6 Piece Square Cubby Shelf

1,599.00 AED 799.00 AED
This mounted shelving unit is a stylish and practical way to add storage and display space to any room in

Fayerene Upholstered Storage Bench

1,799.00 AED 849.00 AED
The Fayerene Upholstered Storage Bench is a stylish and practical addition to any home. Its upholstered seat provides comfort while

Handmade Upholstered Storage Bench

3,799.00 AED 2,899.00 AED
This handmade chest bench in Pure Honey color is a refreshing addition to any interior. Its upholstery fabric is stain,

Button Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

1,899.00 AED 1,149.00 AED
This stool combines comfort and functionality with its attractive design and hidden storage space. The soft upholstery and quilted top