Buying a Chaise Lounge

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Fatima Furniture Linen Chaise Lounge

2,799.00 AED 1,549.00 AED
Experience comfort and versatility with the Linen Upholstered Chaise Lounger. This chaise is designed with your comfort in mind, featuring
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Left Armrest Chaise Lounge

2,149.00 AED 1,199.00 AED
Elevate your comfort and style with the Fatima Furniture Chaise Longue. This lounge sofa is the perfect combination of functionality
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Chesterfield Brown Faux Leather Chaise Lounge

3,449.00 AED 2,249.00 AED
Elevate your living space with the luxurious Chesterfield Brown Faux Leather Chaise Lounge. This chaise lounge is crafted with high-quality
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Fatima Furniture Abbiegail Chaise Lounge

2,299.00 AED 1,349.00 AED
Unwind in ultimate style and comfort with this chaise longue. With well-padded cushioning, you can lounge and relax in complete
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Bravich Velvet Upholstered Chaise Lounge

4,399.00 AED 3,249.00 AED
Transform your living room or bedroom with this elegant chaise lounge. Upholstered in rich, deep-colored velvet, it exudes luxury with
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Vintage Upholstered Chaise Lounge

4,199.00 AED 3,149.00 AED
This magnificent chaise lounge adds a touch of class to your home interior. Expertly crafted with quality upholstery, it feels
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Verona One Left Arm Chaise Lounge

3,799.00 AED 1,799.00 AED
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Tufted Two Arms Rolled Chaise Lounge

3,999.00 AED 1,999.00 AED
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Deedee Tufted One Right Arm Chaise Lounge

3,899.00 AED 1,799.00 AED
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Two Arms Chaise Lounge

4,499.00 AED 1,999.00 AED
Two Arms Chaise Lounge is the ideal addition to your living room, and will soon become the most sought-after seat for
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Everly Quinn Chaise Lounge

3,999.00 AED 1,899.00 AED
Everly Quinn Chaise Lounge the corner of your living room or den with a luxurious atmosphere that will have you
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Fatima Tufted Rolled Arms Chaise Lounge

1,799.00 AED 1,499.00 AED
This ultra-comfortable chaise is the perfect finishing note for any room in your house. Featuring soft linen and velvet upholstery,
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Fatima Corner Chaise Lounge

1,699.00 AED 1,529.00 AED
This ultra-comfortable chaise is the perfect finishing note for any room in your house. Perfect for reclining with a good
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Barrett Left Arm Fabric Chaise Lounge

1,999.00 AED 1,399.00 AED
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Petrie PVC Midcentury Chaise Lounge

2,999.00 AED 1,929.00 AED
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Tufted Chaise Lounge Sofa

2,549.00 AED 1,549.00 AED
Indulge in modern sophistication with this classic tufted chesterfield chaise lounge finely crafted for your home or apartment. Beautiful allover
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Modular Chaise with Ottoman

1,899.00 AED 1,399.00 AED
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Queen Anne Velvet Chaise Lounge

1,599.00 AED 1,199.00 AED
This ultra-comfortable Velvet Chaise Lounge is the perfect finishing note for any room in your house. Perfect for reclining with
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Florence Chaise in Fabric

1,599.00 AED 1,299.00 AED
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Anna Upholstered Chaise Lounge

1,799.00 AED 1,549.00 AED
This Arched Frame Upholstered Chaise Lounge comes in Ebony, chocolate, or Grey Microfiber. It features a high back support and
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